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My Personal Reading Life

As well as reading and reviewing books for CM: Canadian Review of Materials, I do a lot of reading. I am an eclectic reader, and I usually have two or three books on the go – one an audio book, and a couple of books on my bedstand. Since we returned from the United Kingdom, I have been reading books by English writers. Right now, I am reading books by the Brontësisters, as well as biographies about them. Currently, I am listening to Wuthering Heights on Audible as well as reading a biography about Charlott Brontë entitled The Life of Charlotte Brontë. The interesting thing about this book is that Charlotte’s father, Patrick Brontë, asked Charlotte’s friend, Elizabeth Gaskell, to write the biography shortly after Charlotte’s death. It was published in 1857 and is an in-depth look at Charlotte’s life. What makes this book so fascinating is that we toured the Brontë Museum in Haworth in November when we were in England. It is housed in the parsonage where the Brontë family lived for many years. As I’m reading, I sometimes feel that I am back in Haworth, walking the moors and town. I am enjoying getting to know this famous author as her friend, Elizabeth, knew her.

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