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Another Good Read for Kids Zevi Takes the Spotlight By Carol Matas

Zevi is a thirteen-year-old boy with a special gift. He has psychic powers and can tell when someone is in danger. He has recently saved a young child by ‘seeing’ where she is and helping the police locate her. Zevi’s dream is to be a famous actor, not someone who is famous for having psychic powers.

A movie company asks to use Zevi’s family house for a filming location for a new movie starring Robert Lemon. Zevi is over the moon with happiness when he and his best friend, Nir, are given the role as extras. Zevi hopes he will have the chance to meet Robert Lemon and be asked to star in a movie with him. Unfortunately, bad things start to happen on the set. Will Zevi be able to decipher the cryptic dreams and visions he is having, and save Robert Lemon before it’s too late?

This book is part of the popular Orca Currents Series. These books are short, high-interest novels for middle-school students reading below grade level. The author of the book, Carol Matas, is a well-known Canadian author. She has written over 40 books for young readers, on a variety of themes, including the Holocaust and resistance stories from World War II, as well as a sci-fi story about parents who clone a child as ‘spare parts’ for their first daughter. Her books are highly regarded, engaging and well worth reading. Some of Carol Matas books are shown below.

To read more about Zevi and other book reviews for Canadian kids’ books, follow this link:

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