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Sophie Update🐕

A lot of readers and friends have been asking about Sophie. Here are a few photos and an update:

Sophie is just over four months old now. She has quite a personality and keeps us entertained. She steals whatever she can, including socks, mittens, dishcloths, and underwear. It can be embarrassing! She recently got her first taste of human snacks when Pete turned his back for a moment. Sophie snuck up behind him and grabbed half of his coffee cinnamon muffin! She sure wolfed that down quickly! She has taken over the living room – it’s her gym/playroom and contains most of her many toys. She sleeps through the night but still has separation anxiety. She doesn’t like to be alone and will follow us from room to room. That’s a real problem and concern for her when we aren’t in the same room! She runs back and forth between the rooms, tripping over the stairs and her toys in her rush to find us. She always wants to be wherever the action is! Her favourite time of day seems to be the evening. We all go downstairs to watch a bit of television or a movie on Netflix. We are in the same room – lol, and Sophie can relax. She sleeps on the floor at our feet or on a big comfy armchair she has claimed as her own. Every day brings something new and exciting with Sophie. More updates to follow.

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