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What an Excellent Play with Fantastic Actors!

If you are looking for a great comedy that often touches the heart with real life experiences, look no further! I attended ‘Where You Are’ yesterday. It is playing in Rosthern at the Station Arts Centre and is a wonderful comedy/drama about family and all of the laughter, joy, bickering, hurt feelings, and secrets that come with belonging to a family. Not only did I laugh heartily, but the performances also brought tears to my eyes on a few occasions. This play is well worth seeing and is on next weekend – July 11-14th. We attended the Sunday Matinee and had a light lunch at the theatre’s café/bistro and really enjoyed it. I hadn’t been to the Station Arts Centre for a couple of years, and I am so glad I have become reacquainted with it. I have signed up for their e-newsletter and I am following them on Facebook so that I will know what’s coming up next! Go out and see this play! It’s excellent!


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