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Raymore Saskatchewan - Author Visit

I love going to do author visits and readings. In June, I did several readings in schools, most in the city, but some are out of town. One of my readings was in the small town of Raymore. Coming from the city, I love driving into the prairies and seeing the crops and huge sky overhead. There’s something freeing about driving along the highways and through other small communities.

When I reached Raymore, I quickly found the school – it’s usually pretty easy to find the schools in small towns. I parked my car across the road and gathered up my author bag to head inside.

As I walked toward the door, I saw many bikes, some in the bike stand, many strewn about on the lawn and sidewalk – none of them locked. It made me smile and I stopped to snap this photo. You would never see that in the city – bikes left without locks protecting them from theft. That’s one reason I love small towns and communities! Bikes can be left just like that, not locked, and they will be still there at the end of the school day. In the city, I sometimes miss the simpler things in life, like unlocked bikes. This is one reason I love driving out of town, along the country roads, to smaller communities.

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