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Moose Jaw Mini Retreat

If you haven’t been to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan any time recently, you need to go! It is a delightful small city about 225 km south east of Saskatoon, and a mere 70 km west of Regina. Moose Jaw has many things to offer tourists, including the Yvette Moore Gallery, which hosts the artwork of Yvette Moore and many other artists - the Tunnels of Moose Jaw; which offers tours of underground Moose Jaw including stories of Al Capone and the indentured Chinese immigrants of the 1920s; Wakamow Valley, a wonderful all-season place to picnic, hike, camp, skate, ski bike and kayak; and several museums. All of these are highlights and must-sees when visiting Moose Jaw, and I do admit that the Tunnels Office is one of my favourite places! However, there is another favourite place that is near and dear to my heart and that’s the Temple Gardens Hotel and Spa.

The Temple Gardens Hotel and Spa has lovely rooms and a nice restaurant and lounge, but the main feature for me is the hot mineral water that is pumped into the hotel’s huge pool on the top floor of the building! This geothermal water is comparable to the waters of Bath, England and is very relaxing and soothing. My favourite part is the outdoor pool which can be accessed through the indoor pool. Soaking in this mineral water always leaves me feeling relaxed and refreshed, and we often indulge in a massage while there as well.

We decided to spend a few days in Moose Jaw in early January and we loved it! It left us planning our next trip back, which might just happen in March. Below are photos of our Moose Jaw holiday.

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