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​I am a Presenter at the Writer’s Conference June 6th forIndigenous History Month

 I am so pleased and excited! I have been asked to be a presenter at the Saskatoon Public Schools Foundation Writer’s Conference for students! It takes place at the College of Education on the University Campus on June 6, 2023. I was asked to specifically use Mistasinîy: Buffalo Rubbing Stone and Skye Bird and the Eagle Feather to talk about racism and reconciliation. I am usually asked to speak about the Moose Jaw Time Travel Series, so it’s wonderful to get to speak to these books. I wrote them after researching for my Master of Education on how systemic racism profoundly affects students of colour in the classroom. I call these books my personal calls to action as I journey from racism to reconciliation. In fact, I’ve titled my session for this conference – From Racism to Reconciliation. It is heart-warming to realize that today’s young people are being exposed to the racial barriers and are beginning to tear them down.


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