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Grandma To The Rescue!

​Today my youngest grandson pointed to his well-worn, well-loved socks. “You can fix these, Grandma,” he said, looking like I could move mountains so something. I looked at the socks. There were holes in the toes and heels. In some spots,the fabric was so thin it was transparent. I’m sure the socks had been passed down from cousin to cousin to big brother and now to him. “I don’t know if I can fix these,” I said, studying the socks. “Yes, you can,” he said, looking determined. I grimaced. I know Grandmas can do amazing things but those socks – in my opinion, but not in his – are beyond repair and mending. “What if I just buy you some new socks?” I asked, meekly. “But they’re my favourites,” he said, looking sad. “And you’re NOT throwing them in the garbage!” So, what’s a Grandma to do????


Guess who’s getting new socks soon? I’m sure they’ll become his favourites, too!

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