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Flooring Re-Model!

​We had decided, a long time ago, that the carpet in the family room and guest bedroom needed to go. Finally, in January this year, after the rush of Christmas and visitors, that the time had come. We blocked off time and spent one who day just ripping the carpet and underlay out of the two rooms. This was a HUGE job, and my hands and shoulders were very sore when we finished. We cut sections of the carpet and underlay out with a utility knife and took turns hauling it outside to the truck in -30 degree weather! Next came scraping the glue and stuck underlay off the floor and vacuuming. We hadn’t counted on the floor being cracked quite so badly! We used a self-leveling compound for the floor. Pete mixed it in the garage and carried it into the house in five gallon buckets. One of us dumped it onto the floor and my job was to smooth it out across the floor so that it would find its level. It actually worked pretty well.

​We had two days to recover a bit as the self-leveling compound dried and cured, then we laid the underlay. That part was fairly easy and straightforward. Then Pete measured and cut the boards to the proper length and I helped lay them in place. It was a fun but exhausting time for us but the result is amazing! We love our third level and spend quite a bit of time in the family room. Here are some photos to see what it looks like now!


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