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Eggs Anyone?

I know I’ve written about our trip to England. There were so many interesting and wonderful things that happened. We stayed in a lovely cottage in rural Yorkshire. The cottage had been an old barn that was refurbished during COVID. The back part of the barn now has two lovely suites (I’ll write about these in-depth on another post) and the front part of the barn has been turned into a lovely coffee shop.

About a five-minute walk from our cottage was a little cabinet that stood at the end of a long lane into a farmyard. Beside the cabinet was a sign that read ‘Free Range Eggs.’ The first time we drove by that sign I was jet-lagged and obviously very tired. I said to Pete, “Let’s stop and pick up some of those free—”

and then I reread the sign and laughed. It said ‘Free-range eggs’ – not ‘Free’ eggs! We walked back the next day and paid for the eggs we took. We bought eggs from there three times during our stay. Each time we dropped our money into the cashbox. Everything works on the honour system, and there were always cartons of eggs, and a bit of money in the box. I was happy to participate in this time-honoured system that is still happening today! By the way, the eggs were delicious and well-worth the walk to get them!

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