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Christmas in Yorkshire, UK

Hello Friends, We just returned from a month-long visit to Yorkshire, England. The folks in the UK really know how to do Christmas well! We arrived in London at the beginning of November and were surprised to see Christmas lights and trees already on display. It was all about Christmas, and we loved it!We had many Christmas adventures in Yorkshire but there were many more we didn’t get to. There is no way a person could possibly get to all of the Christmas adventures and events! Here are a few that we went to, and they sure filled us with Christmas love and spirit!

Christmas in Yorkshire, Pt 1

The York Christmas Market

Whenever we are in Yorkshire in November-December, we make sure to visit the York Christmas Market. It is one of my favourite things to do, leading up to Christmas, and York puts on one of the best Christmas Markets in the country. About a week before the Christmas Market is due to begin, little wooden huts called market stalls are set up along Piccadilly, which is a long, wide pedestrian thoroughfare in the centre of York. The market stalls are rented for the six weeks before Christmas by artists, craftspeople, and small businesses, to sell their wares. They are decorated with colourful lights, garlands, and ornaments. Typically, the Christmas Market begins about the middle of November and lasts right up until a day or two before Christmas. People come from all over Yorkshire to find gifts, enjoy the lights, and indulge in a bit of mulled wine as they stroll along Piccadilly. The York Christmas Market is well worth the visit if you’re ever in Yorkshire. It will definitely put you in the Christmas spirit!

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