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Book Review: The Paris Apartment

If you’re looking for a suspenseful book that’s a page-turner, here it is! I just finished

reading this book and really enjoyed it. The main character, Jess, arrives at her brother’s Paris apartment late at night, only to discover he isn’t there. It’s confusing for Jess since she and her brother, Ben, had been texting only hours before and he said he would be waiting for her. Jess figures out a way to get into Ben’s apartment and sees evidence that something brutal has happened recently. Obviously, something has happened to Ben.

Over the next weeks, while staying at Ben’s place, Jess begins to question the other tenants in the apartment. It seems that everyone in the apartment building has a reason to dislike and even harm Ben. In Jess’s mind, everyone is a suspect. What has happened to Ben?

The story is told from all the characters’ perspectives in alternating sections. The reader sometimes finds out things that Jess doesn’t know, and some of the characters are going to great lengths to keep their affairs and knowledge of Ben hidden. This often puts Jess in danger. Read the book to find out what happens to Jess as she searches for clues about Ben’s disappearance!

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