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Book Review – Stazy and the Magic List by Nancy Hundal

​On a weekend visit to her grandmother’s house, Stazy reads out a spell she discovers in an old book and suddenly finds out she is a witch, like many other people in her family. Her dad never told her mother about having witches in the family, and when Stazy’s mother finds out she ends the marriage. Stazyfinds herself living in entirely new and uncomfortable circumstances with her mother in the community where her mother grew up. Stazy has had to leave behind their large, spacious house, her school and friends, and her dad. Stazy’s only sibling, her brother, has gone off to college, leaving Stazy alone, too. Stazy’s life feels like it belongs to a stranger.

​On the first day at her new school, Stazy, along with three other girls, is singled out to attend a special Skills class. Stazyknows this is because she has dyslexia. She wonders what challenges the other girls are dealing with and soon discovers that Hali is hearing impaired, Faye has ADHA, and Rena has severe asthma and misses a lot of school. They attend the special class to get extra help so that they can be successful in their regular classroom. Each girl has a secret. Each has a hidden magical power! One girl is an angel, another is a mermaid and the last one is a fairy. Soon Stazy discovers that she is a witch! She is on a mission to find several objects on a list so that she can become a full-fledged witch. Stazy enlists the aid of her new friends try to decipher the list and help Stazy find the items she needs. This story is fast-paced and funny at times. It is a sure win with another who has physical challenges and wishes they too had magical powers. To read more about this book, visit -   Here you will find many wonderful reviews about great Canadian childrens’ books.

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