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Book Review - Are You Sarah?

Written by a young Canadian author, this story is an exciting thriller and page-turner! It’s a wonderful summer read. The story is about two young women named Sarah and Sara. Sarah turns up drunk and passed out in a bar bathroom. Sara comes to her rescue and helps her out of the bar and orders two

rides home – one for each woman, each going in the other direction. It is an interesting face that the two women look somewhat alike. Sara’s full name is Saraswati Bhaduri and she is a law student. Scraping by to pay for her tuition and living expenses, she works two jobs, one of which is in the bar. The other Sarah is a socialite rich girl from the posh part of town.

As fate would have it, the two women get the rides mixed up and Sara ends up in the rich part of town at Sarah’s mansion-like home. Sara walks the long journey back to her own poorer part of town. Meanwhile, Sarah gets out of the ride at Sara’s somewhat seedy apartment in the dead of night. Sara arrives back at her apartment in the wee hours of the next morning to discover police crawling all

over the place. Sarah is dead on Sara’s doorstep and the killer is on the loose! As Sara investigates the circumstances of Sarah’s death, she can’t help but wonder – did the killer get the wrong Sara(h)?

S. C. Lalli has written several other books and I am now reading one of her romances – The MatchMaker’s List. What’s summer, if you can’t read a romance? You can check S.C. Lalli

out on her website at -

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