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Baby Boomers Learning to Use a Selfie Stick

It’s good to laugh at yourself and we have had a few good belly laughs lately! We are Baby Boomers and it’s amazing how technology can really leave us baffled and scratching our heads! Often, I have to ask my oldest grandson how to do something – AND HE’S SIX! He’ll help me out using a patronizing voice – probably the exact kind of voice I use with him when I’m trying to teach him something! How can a six-year-old know more about technology than me?? But it’s true – he does, and he’s really comfortable with it, pressing random buttons to see what

happens. I’m afraid if I press too many buttons something will break, or get deleted, or just now work. Recently, we bought a selfie stick. We even took it to the UK when we went in the spring but after trying to use it once, we left it in the bottom of our knapsack. We took it to the lake this past weekend and decided we would learn to use it ONCE AND FOR ALL! So, after 10-15 minutes of trying to sync it to an iphone, but thought we had it all figured. The following video and photos show our results. Have a good laugh – it’s hilarious!

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