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A review of, Paws: Gabby Gets It Together

Recently I shared a blog about CM Magazine - and how much I enjoyed reviewing books for them. Today I am going to highlight a book for which I recently wrote a review. If any of you are wondering about a good graphic novel for middle school students ages nine to twelve, Paws: Gabby Gets It Together by Michele Assarasakorn and Nathan Fairbairn would be a good place to start. This is a newly released book, published in 2022 and is the story of three friends who are all very different and come from diverse backgrounds but LOVE pets – any pets. Over time, they have each devised plans to get pets into their homes and lives, but for many reasons, each family cannot have pets. Eventually the girls come upon the idea of a dog walking business and each girl is thrilled with the money they are suddenly making, and the pets they are meeting and taking care of. However, a

ll of the girls aren’t equally committed to the job and the responsibilities involved, and problems arise.

This story rings true in so many ways. There are friends and friendship challenges; petty jealousies and envies; and parents trying to instill commitments and responsibilities in their children. This is a great read for children and adults. The artwork by Nathan Fairbanks is bright and colourful and goes well with the story Michele Assarasakorn has written. If you haven’t ventured to read a graphic novel yet, try this one. I think you’ll like it. To read the full review, click here.

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