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Green Mountain Academy Review

I just finished reading this book and I really enjoyed it! It’s for young people ages 11 to 14 but I’m sure others would enjoy it as well. It tells the story of Francie, who has had some terrible things happen in her family. Everything has changed and instead of going back to her small town, school and home, Francie chooses to go to Green Mountain Academy. This is a small boarding school in the mountains of British Columbia. There Francie can concentrate on one of her favourite things – rock climbing. When an airplane gets lost in a blizzard, Francie knows she must help. She couldn’t save her father, but maybe she can help the people on the plane. I wrote a longer review of this book. If you would like to read it, watch for it on the CM – Canadian Review of Materials -

This is a great website to check out if you are looking for good books for children and young adults.

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