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Instead of having fun with her friends on a school field trip, 13-year-old Andrea has to spend the weekend with her family at a boring wedding in boring Moose Jaw. Stories of gangsters, gamblers, and greed don’t even sound interesting, but then Andrea accidentally falls into a mysterious tunnel and discovers she’s travelled back in time to the 1920s – those dangerous days of the city’s underground. How will Andrea outsmart the gangsters who are demanding that she work for them? And will she ever see her family again?

This first book in the popular children’s adventure series features updated language since the book’s initial release in 2000. The chapters have been shortened for easier reading and read-alouds, especially for teachers and parents. Readers will enjoy the addition of 12 beautiful illustrations, a Historical Note, an Ask the Author section, and Discussion Questions as well.


Editor: Deana J Driver

Illustrator: Wendi Nordell

Tunnels of Time: Moose Jaw Time Travel Adventure # 1

SKU: 978-1-927570-57-9
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