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Skye Bird and her friends are beginning a new school year at a shiny new school that doesn’t look or feel at all welcoming or as cozy as their old school did. Skye’s brother is excited about joining the football team and making new friends, but Skye can’t seem to adapt to this new environment. Although Skye tries to be brave and encouraging for her young sister Cheyenne, this new school’s library doesn’t have the books Cheyenne wants to read about their culture and history, and Cheyenne is confused. Skye’s teacher doesn’t understand and isn’t even trying to get to know her. Skye’s classmates laugh at her. Worse yet, the only activity she really loves is powwow dancing, but there is no such thing at this school and her principal won’t even consider the idea! Skye can’t stop thinking about dancing powwow and starting a Culture Club and Drumming Group at her new school – but how could that happen? One night, an old woman comes to Skye in a vision. She’s carrying an eagle feather … and Skye learns what she must do to make things right.


Awards:  Best Books for Kids and Teens 2018, Junior & Intermediate Fiction, The Canadian Children's Book Centre.  Silver, Pre-teen Fiction, Historical / Cultural, 2018 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards.


Illustrator: Heaven Starr

Skye Bird and the Eagle Feather

SKU: 978-1-927570-39-5