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Interesting Sites to See When Touring Saskatchewan

This past long weekend, members of my family and I travelled an hour or so west of Saskatoon to visit two significant tourist sites – The largest tree is Saskatchewan, and the Crooked trees. Both of these are well worth a visit! The largest tree in Saskatchewan is a cottonwood tree, and also goes by the name the Popoff tree, named after Samual J. Popoff. The tree is located down Tree Road, accessed off highway 12 just east of Blaine Lake. The tree is over 60 feet tall and has a girth of about 15 feet. It would take at least three adults to encircle the tree and touch hands around it. The tree doesn’t look very impressive until you go and stand beside it. It reminds me of one of the huge redwood/sequoia trees on the west coast.

From the website – here’s how you can find the tree:


• 8 Kms south of Blaine lake on highway 12 or 12.5 kms north of Petrofka bridge. 

• Turn east on township road 440 (marked tree road) and go 8 kms. 

• Turn south and go 1 km marked as tree road. 

• Turn east at heritage sign and go 2.2 kms. 

• You will be a few dozen meters from river. 

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